Strategic Consulting

We partner with organizations to solidify a vision for their future, identify priorities, set goals for measurable results, and develop flexible and supported implementation plans.

Mission Spark’s consultants can help your organization multiply the effectiveness of your efforts, especially while navigating change, thereby advancing your organization’s mission impact.

Successful organizations are adaptable, have identified goals and priorities, and think deliberately about their future. Through our strategy development and planning services, we partner with organizations to solidify a strong path to a high impact and sustainable future.

When working with organizations on strategy development, business planning, or strategic planning, we meet organizations and initiatives where they are, and focus on small wins and achievable steps in the near term, building towards greater mission impact.

Through creative facilitated processes, we help boards and staff to develop a focused vision, a clear mission, and guiding values. From this values-driven place, we help organizations determine their strategic orientation, set results-driven goals, and become more adaptable and resilient.

We help organizations achieve their goals through developing flexible operational planning that are always tied to measurable outcomes and thoughtfully consider your organization’s unique assets and constraints.

Rely on Mission Spark’s consultants for planning and strategy development based on innovative thought, strong foundational research, and creative ideas, not fill-in-the-blank templates.

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Strategic Consulting Offerings

  • Defining and aligning vision, mission, and core values
  • Identifying business strategy and business models
  • Engaging your partners, clients, and community members in shaping your future
  • Developing thorough situational analyses and organizational assessments to support understanding of current state and to inform strategic decision making
  • Developing results-driven, flexible strategic plans
  • Benchmarking for successful operations
  • Creating adaptive organizations and initiatives
  • Developing and structuring collaborative relationships
  • Supporting strategic design and implementation of collective action efforts
  • Design and early implementation of programs