Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Organizations and initiatives thrive because of their people. Developing, supporting and renewing the skills and capacities of leaders and teams is a critical goal for Mission Spark.

Social impact jobs are both rewarding and stressful. Mission Spark can help support team members to show up as their best selves, renewed and ready for the work ahead. We support individuals, executive teams, and organizational leadership, including critical relationships between CEOs and board chairs.

Mission Spark partners with our clients to develop strong leaders, build strong teams, strengthen organizational cultures, and help organizations through challenging situations.

Our services include individual coaching, team coaching, team building,  board development, leadership development, succession planning, and managing transitions.

Coaching strengthens the individuals leading your organizations, allowing you to serve to your full professional potential, avoiding burnout, maintain balance in your life and realizing personal fulfillment.

Your coach will ask you tough and powerful questions to deepen your self-awareness and your ability to deal with uncertainty and other difficult situations, within your organizational culture and in life.

Your coach will listen to you, work on your agenda and address the issues that are most salient to you. This method is designed to elicit your natural skills, resourcefulness, and creativity. Your coach will help you to develop an action plan or set of steps that help further your goals, and supports you in achieving them. Your coach can also help provide consultative insights on tough organizational challenges.

in a team environment, coaching assists with helping a team set its shared goals and vision, and assisting individuals in seeing how dynamics are playing out. In addition, supportive tools and creative processes to assist a team to strengthen its work together are provided.

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Leadership Development & Executive Coaching Offerings

  • Developing next generation leaders as they navigate their career pathways and develop leadership skills
  • Developing and providing coaching supports to executive directors and CEOs, including first-time executive directors
  • Coaching and facilitating shared vision and outcomes for executive teams
  • Supporting high functioning teams by assisting with ongoing dynamics or points of conflict, and providing supportive tools and structures
  • Staff evaluations, including executive director assessments
  • Managing executive transitions and developing and managing succession plans and transitions
  • Building effective boards and developing strong board-staff partnerships
  • Identifying and building healthy organizational cultures and supportive structures
  • Leadership retreats and trainings