Facilitation & Training

We help clients develop organizational and collective structures that are robust and flexible enough not only to resolve current issues but also to anticipate future ones.

In helping organizations enhance their sustainability, Mission Spark’s consultants work through a lens of adaptive capability.  Facilitation and skills building are two primary ways we help strengthen social impact efforts.

Mission Spark provides expert facilitation and process design to engage the many stakeholders who help make your organization or effort impactful. We do not shy away from conflict or complexity, and are often brought in to help support organizations wrestle with challenging efforts in service of greater results.

Mission Spark cares about systems-level impact, and seeks opportunities to facilitate collective impact efforts. We facilitate collaboratives, boards, stakeholder gatherings, and staff teams through creative and engaging processes. We help groups gain greater clarity, reach collective decisions, and establish shared visions.

We also help build the capabilities and skills of teams, collectives, and boards through interactive trainings and talks on a wide variety of topics that support the strategy, culture and operations of social impact organizations and collective action efforts.

Our trainings are supported by best practice and innovative methods, and include materials and tools. Trainings are often combined with other mission spark services as part of implementation or preparation efforts for strategic shifts.

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Facilitation and Training Offerings


  • World-cafe style feedback processes
  • Focus groups
  • Designing learning processes
  • Cultural shifts
  • Innovation opportunities
  • Strategy development
  • Collective visioning


  • Design for learning
  • Shift your organization’s culture
  • Fail Better: design smart mistakes to succeed sooner
  • Building more resilient and innovative social impact organizations
  • Building strong boards
  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Conflict mediation for boards and staff
  • The talent challenge: building, supporting and retaining effective teams
  • Design for impact: launching a new program
  • Sustainable business models
  • Developing effective strategic plans
  • Supporting collective action
  • From action to outcomes: program evaluation

Other custom offerings and processes are available by request.