Evaluation & Assessment

We take a practical, useful and implementable approach to evaluation and assessment. We help organizations and initiatives define their desired impact, and identify measurable, useful indicators that will help leaders and teams see if outcomes are being achieved.

We help organizations and initiatives think through how they are making an impact and identify what assumptions they may be making. We help visualize and articulate these insights by creating theories of change, logic models, and other models that show the relationship of actions to outcomes.

We support process, outcomes, and goals-based evaluation efforts that focus on feedback from stakeholders through focus groups, surveys, interviews and observation. We analyze existing data sources, and provide insights from secondary research through useful reporting mechanisms.

We design evaluation processes and develop evaluation plans that work within the existing capabilities of your organization, and focus on asking the right questions to elicit useful and actionable insights. We also help you develop a dashboard of useful information to track at-a-glance, and to be able to communicate progress to board members, funders, and other stakeholders.

We support baseline assessments, helping to suss out where your efforts are today to inform where you are headed as you implement a new program, strategic direction or collective action effort.

If we are not the right match for your evaluation needs based on scale or design rigor, we will recommend partners who can meet your needs.

Get in touch today and let us know how we can help strengthen, measure and communicate your impact.

Evaluation and Reporting Offerings

  • Baseline assessments
  • Practical evaluation plans
  • Theories of change, logic models, and other visual representations of impact
  • Evaluation design and implementation supports, including process, goals, and outcomes-based evaluations
  • Continuous improvement plans and methods
  • Secondary research reports and situational analyses
  • Stakeholder feedback methods, including focus groups, world-cafe style conversations, town halls, surveys, and interviews